Hellkes Ringar

Hellkes Ringar purchase and delivery terms and conditions for sales on Hellkes.se and Hellkes.dk

1. Generally
1.1 The following terms and conditions shall apply to Hellkes Ringar (hereinafter referred to as "Hellkes") and sales online for Hellkes.se and Hellkes.dk.
1.2 Certain provisions only apply to private persons. The scope of each provision is stated in each individual case.
1.3 The terms and conditions stated in the version effective at the time the order was placed shall apply, but may be amended.

2. Prices
2.1 The applicable price for ordered products, including swedish VAT, is the price stated in relation to the product as displayed in the Shop on hellkes.se and Hellkes.dk on the day the order was placed.
2.2 Unless otherwise agreed with Hellkes Ringar, shipping and handling charges will be charged at 100 (SEK 100) kronor in conjunction with orders .

3. Information regarding the processing of personal data
3.1 Hellkes Ringar is responsible for the processing of personal data carried out in connection with orders of goods from the Shop on hellkes.se and Hellkes.dk. Pursuant to law, you are entitled to receive information regarding the registered personal data pertaining to you and to have corrected incorrect or misleading personal data. Please contact Hellkes at address: Hellkes Ringar, Box 12  250 53, Helsingborg, Sweden,
3.2 Hellkes Ringar will process personal data pertaining to you for the administration of orders and delivery of goods from the Shop on Hellkes.se and Hellkes.dk. For practical reasons, it is not possible to order goods without permitting Hellkes to register such personal data necessary for administration. In addition, the information will be utilised for the provision of information and offers to you.

4. Payment terms
4.1 Payment may be made through payment in advance. Information regarding the various means of payment is presented on the following link. http://www.hellkes.se/info/faq

5. Ordering
5.1 All correspondence between the parties will be assumed to take place by e-mail. Following the placement of an order, the Customer undertakes to monitor his e-mail.
5.2 The purchase agreement initially becomes binding after Hellkes Ringar confirms the order by e-mail.
5.3 Provided the order has not been despatched, the Customer shall have the possibility to cancel, in whole or in part, the order by contacting Customer Service by telephone within 24 Hours.

6. Delivery
6.1 Deliveries pursuant to these terms and conditions shall only take place to locations in Sweden or Denmak. The normal delivery period is 2-3 weeks from the order date. In the event the delivery period is estimated to take longer, the Customer will be notified of such by e-mail.
6.2 Unless otherwise specifically agreed with Hellkes Ringar, orders exceeding two thousand (SEK 2,000) kronor in value, will be sent as registered parcels.
6.3 In conjunction with transport from Hellkes Ringar to the Customer, Hellkes Ringar shall be liable in the event that the goods are damaged or lost during shipping. In conjunction with shipping from the Customer to Hellkes Ringar, the Customer shall be liable in the event that the goods are damaged or lost during shipping.

7. Right to cancel purchase/Return
7.1 The Customer is entitled to return ordered goods. The Customer must notify Hellkes Ringar regarding such within fourteen (one) days from the date of receipt of the goods.This only applies on standard rings and not special rings that is engraved or ordered in a special size. The notice shall take place by e-mail to info@hellkes.se or by post to: Hellkes Ringar, Box 12  250 53, Helsingborg, Sweden
7.2 Return shall take place to Hellkes Ringar, Box 12  250 53, Helsingborg, Sweden, and a copy of the order confirmation must be enclosed. Returns cannot be made on a COD basis.
7.3 Returned products must be in unused and undamaged condition unless the goods have been damaged or modified as a result of some circumstance which is not attributable to the Customer.
7.4 The Customer must pay return postage.

8. Complaints
8.1 In connection with delivery of incorrect or defective goods, the Customer must immediately submit a complaint in writing and state the problem therein.

9. Damage
9.1 Hellkes Ringar shall not be liable for defects/delays, nor shall it be liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, beyond the provisions set forth above or otherwise provided to private persons under statutory consumer law legislation.

10. Disputes
10.1 Disputes arising as a result of the purchase of goods from the Shop and/or these terms and conditions shall be adjudicated in accordance with Swedish law by a Swedish court of general jurisdiction or by the Swedish National Board of Consumer Complaints.

11. Miscellaneous
11.1 Customer Service shall be responsible for all matters regarding Hellkes Ringar goods and purchases from the Shop.

Tel: +46 8 400 116 11
E-mail: info@hellkes.se
Address: Hellkes Ringar, Box 12  250 53, Helsingborg, Sweden